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About Us

The Niagara Royalettes Majorettes Baton and Dance Studio was started in 1977 by Judy Evans. Over the 30+ years, the Royalettes have won many state, regional, national and world baton twirling awards. We have also performed at the Florida Citrus Bowl, World University Games, Niagara University and University of Buffalo basketball and football games, the Niagara County Fair, Lewiston Peach Festival, Fantasy Island and area nursing homes. The Niagara Royalettes Majorettes march in about 10 parades each summer as well.

In May, the studio has its annual recital that showcases all the hard work and effort of our students and teachers. Our goal at the studio is to challenge each student to be a better dancer and baton twirler every year. We believe dance and baton should develop strength, balance, grace, poise, coordination, and rhythm.

When you join the Niagara Royalettes family, you will learn to dance and twirl and also develop friendships that will last a lifetime. All students benefit greatly from the discipline instilled in our classes.


Look in our Awards section to see our list of Champions, Honors, and Awards won throughout the history of the Niagara Royalettes Majorettes Baton and Dance Studio!